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Since 1948, NGA has provided information and education to, and promoted the safety and ethics in, the flat (architectural, automotive and specialty) glass and glass-related industries. NGA’s mision is to promote all aspects of the flat glass industry in the Americas.

With over 4,700 members representing the entire flat glass market, NGA is the largest trade association working on behalf of the flat glass industry. NGA tailors its products and services to fit the industry’s needs. Glass Magazine, AutoGlass, and Window & Door Fabricator provide subscribers with thoughtful information they can’t find elsewhere.

NGA is committed to supplying the latest technical information to the industry and to educating ist members. Under NGA’s leadership, the industry has developed the Auto Glass Certification Program, the Safety Management Program, the Auto Glass Technical Institute, and the Glass Management Institute. The Association also offers educational videotapes and technical manuals to assist members and non-members.

The National Glass Association – Now with over 60 years of service to the Glass and Glazing industry!

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LYNX Services is more than just a network. It is a very important program that supports members in the Automotive Replacement Glass (ARG) industry. They have developed important alliances with insurance companies, service providers and independent glass companies. As a manufacturer with an impressive reputation and track record, PPG Industries, Inc. has stepped forward to make a difference in the glass business. Look for additional growth and strength to come as they build their network.

We’re part of the LYNX family of auto glass installers – your assurance of top quality replacement glass service. Not only will our certified installers replace or repair your auto glass, we’ll conduct the LYNX 11-point Quality Check to make sure it’s done right. And our parts and labor are backed with a LYNX Warranty that’s honored here and at every shop participating with LYNX around the country. The following points have been made a part of the CSR Customer Service Record:

  1. We conduct a “pre-work inspection” of the front, sides, and rear of your car to see if any other damage exists (dents, scrapes, rust, etc.). It’s our mutual protection against disputes about unnoticed damage when you pick up the car.
  2. We list the part number that was installed, along with the brand of glass that was used. From this entry there will be no question of what are of the car was worked on, and what product was installed.
  3. We list all hardware or moldings used to complete the job.
  4. We list the adhesive, tapes, primers, and cleaners that were used. Only those adhesives for which our installers are certified are used. This section provides critical information that will be very helpful should there be any question of product performance.
  5. To make sure your adhesive cures properly, we list all the necessary timing and environmental information that contributes to the cure of the adhesive, including the time the job was completed, the temperature, and humidity. And we calculate the recommended time at which the vehicle may be driven safely.
  6. We list the installation method; whether the job completed was a mobile or in-shop installation, and if the process was of the full-cut-out method or a close-cut method.
  7. In the case of windshield repairs, we list how many areas of the windshield were repaired and what type of system and resin was used.
  8. Postwork inspections check wipers, side view mirrors, and rear view mirror to determine if those products need to be replaced.
  9. The installer must sign and date the report, a verification that the installer is certified to complete installations for the listed adhesive manufacturer and that all stated information on the report is true and accurate.
  10. The “24 Hour Auto Care” section provides a list of vehicle care subjects that should be carried out or observed during the first 24 hours.
  11. We go over the form with you to make sure you understand and accept all the information offered on the report. it also authorizes the release of full payment to LYNX Services for the installation or repair completed.